Marketing Strategy, Consultancy & Authorship for Your Business



Marketing Strategy, Consultancy & Authorship for Your Business

Welcome to MedTech-Perspective. My area of expertise and experience centres around international marketing and business in the Medical Technology sector.

I have worked for over 3 decades in international marketing and business management for a global player in Medical Technology and am now operating as a consultant and author in this space.

I provide strategic direction and guidance for start up companies in MedTech.

Authorship: First co-authorship was a contribution to “ The Health Care Management Team: The Roles, Responsibilities, and Leadership Strategies of CEOs, CTOs, Marketing Executives, and HR Leaders (Inside the Minds)“ a Paperback – published 30th April 2006 from Aspatore Books, this book – ISBN 1-59622-483-5  – is however no longer in print internationally but is still available on (USA).

The first of a new series of practically oriented Marketing Medical Technology e-Books entitled „Product Marketing for Healthcare Technology in Practice (Volume 1)“ was published in August 2020. Available on Amazon as e-book or paperback.

I love England, my country. In my home here in Germany I have a Satellite Television that enables me to see all the standard English TV channels as though I was in England, I have an Internet Radio so I can also listen to English Radio Stations, I read mostly novels in English, I read the English Newspapers electronically on my Smartphone or Tablet every morning and consider myself as English as the next person, and that despite living 2/3 of my life thus far outside of England.

My area of expertise and my profession is in Medical Electronic Equipment, or MedTech and International Marketing and Business Management.

I was thinking it would be interesting to venture outside of my comfort zone and write some poems expressing my affection for my homeland.

January 2023 a collection of poems has now been published on Amazon, the title is „An Englishman abroad – Poems of my Country“ take a look!

Since early 2018 I am also on the Management Team of Directed Systems  as Senior Healthtech Business Advisor for the company.

Directed Systems is a medical device and software company in Cambridge U.K. – I am advising on all aspects of strategic business for the company as well as assisting with the strategic launch and commercialisation of their Hypotension Decision Assist (HDA-OR2) product that helps better manage hypotension during surgery and that has received FDA 510K clearance for the USA Market, also planned to be launched in the EU.

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How can MedTech-Perspective help you?

Practically oriented guidance based on many years of international experience in the Medical Technology sector.

Owner: David A Russell
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Service: Practically oriented guidance based
on many years of international experience
in the Medical Technology sector.

Are you a Medical Technology start-up or small to midsize company in need of strategic advise and strategic direction to improve market access and success of your products or solutions? Customized projects designed to fit your specific business needs, I am here to provide you strategic guidance every step of the way.

If you are getting started as a Marketeer or Product Manager for Medical Technology with a small, medium or a large multinational and are seeking practical guidance to help you succeed then read my e-Books – the first of the series is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon.

Extensive reach, affiliations with large numbers of companies in the Medical Technology space and in depth experience working in key international markets around the world MedTech-Perspective provides professional and meaningful consultation and information.

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There are countless reasons why my service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why I’m different.

Product marketing, "go to market" strategy

Practical guidance and recommendations

Often the best products and solutions may fail when the practical elements of developing the product and bringing it to market are not optimally assessed and executed. Practice and experience in this area assures you of a solid direction and improves your chance of success.


Practically oriented guidance to succeed

The first of a series of practically oriented e-Books on marketing Medical technology is now available as both an e-book and as a paperback on Amazon. The book’s site is “ Product Marketing for HealthCare Technology in Practice – Volume 1″ Author David A Russell.  I have realised that the practical guidance with real life examples is something I would have loved to have had access to when I started in MedTech Marketing and there were few, if any, such books available. My aim is to fill this unmet need.

Educated in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, a Chartered Electrical Engineer and with numerous Business and Marketing qualifications from prestigious Management and Business development centres around the world such as the Management Center Europe, Kellogg School of Management and The University of Michigan Business School, David A Russell has 40 years of experience in International Marketing and Business in the MedTech Sector. He is a dual national with British and German citizenship and bilingual in English and German,  with global multicultural experience having worked across most key medical technology markets in most major countries around the world. 

Work experience includes Research & development Engineer at British Aerospace in the U.K., Technical Authorship, Global Technical Support Engineering and Training , Product Marketing Management at Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group in Germany, Senior Global Marketing Management at Agilent Healthcare Solutions Group in Germany, Business Unit Senior Director and Head of Marketing, Managing Director, (Geschäftsführer), at Philips Medizin Systeme Böblingen GmbH in Germany, VP, Executive and Chief

Marketing Officer at Philips Healthcare in Andover, MA, USA and Vice President, Executive and Chief Marketing Officer at Philips Medical Systems Böblingen in Germany as well as Vice President, Executive and General Manager of Philips Healthcare Global Mother & Child Care Business responsible for facilities in Böblingen Germany, Pittsburgh USA and Bangalore India. He also headed up Global Segment Marketing and Market Intelligence as Vice President, Executive for multiple Business Units of a large Health-Tech Business Group.

As an experienced, practically oriented hands-on Executive who has run global Product Marketing Organisations and with his experience as Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer as well as Vice President and General Manager of a global MedTech Business this ensures that David has the extensive international, real-world and practical knowledge that is invaluable for those who are looking for guidance and strategic direction. He is now operating as “ MedTech-Perspective“ an independent consultant and author.


Marketing Strategy, Consultancy & Authorship

David A. Russell, B.Sc.,C.Eng.

D-71083 Herrenberg, Germany